Saturday, May 14, 2011

Healthy Tip

From the dietician on the Today Show comes this interesting tip and pleasing to me as I love coconut
"Joanna’s (McMillan) advice
Coconut has a bad reputation as it is high in saturated fats. However this label is unjust as the type of saturated fat in coconut is not cholesterol raising. In fact it is rich in medium chain fats which are known to be far more readily burned as fuel in the body (we used to give them to athletes as an energy supplement) than other fats. Coconut is also very stable and therefore great to cook with".  

Healthy and good for you or not. Tempeh - what is it!! Is it good for you.

I have just been searching around on line and notice Tempeh BLT Sandwiches where trending. I had no idea what Tempeh was so had to investiga...