Sunday, March 13, 2016

Foodies are horrified!

Do we know what we are eating at all anymore. It has come to light that even the fresh food vegetables, fruit and meat are in some way 'contaminated' by use of products to keep them longer. You know that packaged meat you see in supermarkets which never really looks the correct colour.

Then apples aint apples! Some apples can me 10 months old such as pink slipper having been kept in the cool room with use of an agent to keep them. Brown bread can be white flour died brown. It is a real minefield out there when it comes to trying to eat healthy. We think we are doing the right thing and then all this information comes to light just to confuse us further.

Rachel Clemons from Choice writes "Fresh food sold in supermarkets – such as fruit, vegetables and meat – isn't always as fresh as you might think. Technological advances mean the lamb chops that look so succulent could have been butchered four months ago, and those shiny red apples might have been in storage for more than a year.

It's a fair-enough expectation that if you're buying "fresh produce" it shouldn't have been frozen or preserved. You'd also expect it to be put on sale as close to the state it would be in at the time of picking, catching or producing. So are meat, fruit and vegetables that have been stored for an extended period still truly fresh?"

That was also my next question how good are these "Non-fresh" products? Do they contain any of the goodies they are suppose to? Well it has been reported that English spinach retains only 53% of its folate and 54% of its carotene after just eight days stored at fridge temperatures. And apples kept in cold storage for three months have lower levels of antioxidants.


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