Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegetarian to be or not to be!!

I have recently found myself wanting to eat more and more vegetarian meals.  Maybe my body is telling me something or I am just sick of paying the high prices for meat products which have such a short shelf life.
So I am after years of enjoying steaks and chops I am looking for suitable vegetarian recipes to ensure I receive sufficent protein and iron in my diet.

I have been reading that as we get older with risk of high cholestrol, high blood pressure and diabetes a nutrional diet is essential.  My aim is to eat 10 serves of fruit and vegetables a day as this is what I have been reading is good for reducing high blood pressure.  I must admit I do love my vegies - fruit is another matter it depends what is in season but  I do need to push myself to eat more.

This is the first of my posts on this subject.  Tomorrow some recipes and later the all important taste test.

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