Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Healthy and good for you or not. Tempeh - what is it!! Is it good for you.

I have just been searching around on line and notice Tempeh BLT Sandwiches where trending. I had no idea what Tempeh was so had to investigate further. It is a soybean product the same as Tofu but instead uses the whole soybean which is fermented and is different in texture and nutrition originating from Indonesia. So we now have a vegeterian version of the BLT sandwich which according to Healthline is very good for us being high in protein, probiotics and vitamins and minerals.  I also noted they can also be made from various beans or a combination of including wheat.  So a word of caution to anyone with wheat alergies to ensure they do not have one that is not made from soybeans only.

Image result for photo of tempehImage result for photo of tempeh
Temphey can be cooked in a variety of ways
  • First I read that the bitterness need to be removed from it by simmering in stock or water for 10 minutes then cooking as required.
  • Can be coated in a blend of spices and pan fried until crispy such as in a Tempeh BLT Sandwich where Tempeh is substituted for the bacon.
  • It can be used with salad, in taco's, in teriyaki and so on so is quite versatile
I have not tried this before so will look out with interest in the supermarket next time I am shopping to see if I can find some to try. I am interested in the fact that they are a source of natural probiotic which is good for the tummy, good for the gut and can help alleviate irritable bowel syndrone along with reducing fat in the stomach according to research.  I am not vegeterian but I do love my vegetables and often have a meat free meal whereby I use mushrooms in lieu of meat or just stir fry up a frozen packet of stir fry vegetables and add some spice such as chilli or sesame oil.

Healthy Eating
Jenny Mortimer


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