Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to set up and print A5 pages in word on A4 paper

Well as you may have realised I have been busy working on my computer and problem solving as I go.
Here is another Tip this time for Word.
Let's say you have set up an invitation or a flyer and decide it would be better to print 2 to a page.
There are long ways around this but to save time this I found was a great solution.
In Word go to page setup, paper, paper size select A5
To print select print and change pages per sheet to 2
Under "Page Range" select pages and type 1,1 - this step is important
That's it. Good Luck

How to copy photos from ipad to windows computer

I have been having trouble for ages trying to get information and in particulars photo's off my ipad or iphone onto my laptop which has windows 10. I came across a solution which I would like to share with you. It does not seem to be permanent but it works.

Attach ipad to computer via usb port then on computer
Go to Control Panel (right click mouse on first icon at bottom of screen),
click on view printers and devices,
Scroll down if you need to and you should find your ipad
Right click mouse on ipad icon and select troubleshooting
the computer will start "detecting problems"
after a bit it will ask fix this problem or ignore
So select the fix.

Your ipad will now be visible in File Explorer(left click on the first icon at bottom of screen) Click on the ipad, and click on in my case the first or second icon to find what you want. Good Luck