Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Links for Free Family History Research

Hi Everyone,

Well a little late to wish you Happy New Year but is my first post for the year .  So back at it and hope to bring you all some interesting Tit Bits about historical people and events, Family Trees and healthy tips.  I have been on a diet and details are on my web page at How I lost 12 kilo's .

To start with this year some freebies - a few links that are free to research. Hope they are of some help and interest. So many wonderful sites out there now that are free to access not just to research but results as well are free.  These are a little more unusual I thought and will try to find some more during the weeks ahead.

Until tomorrow

1911 Irish Census
1841 to 1891 UK Census
UK Chronological Table of Public and Private Acts
England Genealogy Forum
Migration Histories and Resources-Caribbean, Irish, Jewish, South Asian
Norwich Census of the Poor 1570
Victoria County History

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