Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping Etiquette

This is not the first time that this thought has occurred to me and that is to write about shopping etiquette. Is there such a thing well I am not sure but surely people need to be more respectfull of other shoppers especially during the silly season. I had a lady stop in the aisle after paying for her goods to wait for some assistance instead of going out of the ailse and waiting at the end of the checkout. The queue was growing and I could not use the eftpos as she was in the way. The shop assistant who obviously knew her did not help either. Grrr. Then walking to a shop via a walk way we had a couple in front of us and gave no consideration to us and just dawled along. Then got to the doorway and blocked our path there also. Then there are the couples who shop together and leave their trolleys in the middle of the aisle so that no one else can pass. I know gripe after gripe after gripe but I mean how inconsiderate what is wrong with people today.

Shopping Ettique

+ Get Out of The Way

+ Stay out of the middle of the aisle

+ Don't leave your trolley where others can trip over it

+ Show consideration to others when entering and exiting a shop

+ Don't clog up extry or exit doorways

+ When walking along the mall leave room for others to pass

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