Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I made one of my best Bolognaise Sauces last night and I would like to share it with you.

400 grams Mince

Tablespoon Peanut Oil

1 Brown onion chopped into small pieces

1 heaped Teaspoon (bottled - all natural) Garlic

1 chilli (mild heat) chopped into small pieces

Equivalent of 440 gramm Tinned tomoatoes

2 small grated Zucchinis

2 cups of beef stock (beef cube and waters)

1 Smal Tin of whole Champignon halved

2 Tablespoons Tomato Sauce

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 heaped Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

1 heaped Tablespoon Pomegranate Molasses (is spelt Pomegranet on bottle)

6 Rosemary Stalks (Pick of the leaves and chop 2 stalks

6 Marjoram Stalks (mine were flowering so flowers and all) - Pick off the leaves and chop 3 stalks.

6 Stalks Thyme (leave whole)

2 Sachets Bouquet Garni


In a large Frypan heat half the Oil then brown the Mince all the while chopping through it to separate the mince and eliminate any large lumps. Remove from pan.

Add remaining Oil heat and add onions, garlic and chilli. Saute on medium heat stirring regularly - do not burn.

Return meat to the Frypan and add the Tomatoes. (I used fresh tomatoes from the garden and chopped them all the same size. As some where small I did not peel them first but removed the skins during the cooking as they peeled away. Using a fork and the wooden stirrer). Add the stock, champigons, Tomato Sauce, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and Pomegranate Molasses. Stir Well.

Add the stalks of Rosemary, Marjoram and Thyme. Reserve the chopped herbs and 2 stalks of Thyme until later. Push the stalks into the frypan whole. Add the sachets of Bouquet Garni. Cook in frypan on a low heat for about an hour until the sauce is cooked, reduced and thickened. During the cooking process if using fresh tomatoes that have not been peeled remove the skins. It is not difficult. Stir regularly And after half and hour add the remaining herbs.

When cooked removed the stalks and sachets of Bouquet Garni making sure to squeeze out all the juice from the sachet. Serve with Spaghetti cooked as instructed on the packet. Add olives and top with grated Parmesen Cheese.

I find this amount is enough for 4 servings. I often use any the leftover as an accompaniment to poached or fried eggs and mushrooms for breakfast or lunch. I keep any leftover in the refrigerator for 2 days and then freeze.


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