Thursday, February 7, 2013


In the paper yesterday it was brought to light that child care centres will be required to clean all toys, doors knobs and so on in the care centre everyday. Also that the children would be required to was their hands after playing in the sand pit. Well I say good on them it is about time something was done to eliminate the instance of constant colds of children attending these Child Mind Centres. I have seen it happen first hand and by grand son was withdrawn from day care because of continuous coughs and colds.

I would have thought it was already part of the cleaning of the centres and schools too should come under these same rules to clean down place where it is obvious germs can linger and as has been advised during flu epidemics don't touch door knobs, esculators and so on to help avoid contracting the germs left behind that can linger for several hours.

I know when our children started school they did seem to pick up contagious diseases that first year even though they had attended Kindergarten which was not a problem. But colds and flu where not such a problem because Mum's and Dad's kept their kids at home when they where sick. I know times are now different and working parents find it so difficult to take time off and find alternative care. So I do think these new rules are a start in keeping these young children healthy.

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