Monday, January 26, 2015

Sticking to your Shopping List

Shopping love it or hate it - we need to spend some time during the week at the Supermarket or of course, an alternative is to shop on line our local IGA has a delivery service for on line shoppers and what better way to stick to a list instead of being tempted to buy extras lured by packaging or position in the supermarket.  There is a small delivery fee but I believe that it could be well worth it and you also save on time. If that is not your go and you want to shop yourself make that list and I am one for lists but do I stick to them, not always so I came up with a plan to help me.
1. I write my list and number each item
2. Then I go through the list and try to eliminate 2 to 3 items
3. This list then goes straight into my handbag so I don't leave it at home
4. When at the shops I mark off each item as it goes into the trolley and the numbering system instils into me that I have so many items to purchase and that is it.  Not sure why that works but it does help.

If you need an extra incentive you can always reward yourself for having stuck to the list nothing big
maybe treat yourself to one of those massage chairs in the shopping centre at $2. Or pop soe coins into a piggy bank and save up for something special.

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