Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yolk it ain't a joke!!

Last week we were away and one place we stayed gave us a couple of eggs which they said was fresh from the chook house well when we tried them they were not fresh at all and the colour of the yolks was quite light in colour. So I thought those are not free range birds the yolk was too light. So when we had eggs the next time I noticed the yolk was bright yellow and thought this is definitely a free range egg. Well guess what? This may not be the case at all. I was shattered to read in the paper yesterday that there may be another reason for the bright colour of egg yolks. Yep now the humble egg is being tampered with secretly by adding colouring agents to the chook food derived from capscicum, marigold and paprika which is manufactured in China.

I always buy free range eggs. I know that the labelling is not always as it seems but I am pretty happy with those I have, well until now. In the article in the paper it was suggested to check all the eggs in a carton and if they were all of similar colour it could be likely they were from chooks fed with additives to colour the yolks.

Although stricter labelling laws are expected next month when ministers of the government meet the use of colour enhancers will not be on the subject list. So back to the drawing board for me to do my own research and look more carefully at the egg yolks or better still find a back yard producer and buy direct once happy they are free range.

I suppose it could be said to do no harm but it is the deception that I don't like and it could be that some people are allergic to capsicum or the other additives and are eating it without knowing.

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