Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Get it Right??

Mother's Day is coming up and for those who can will visit and give some flowers or will they give something that Mum will say she loves but secretly think why do they buy me stuff like that.
So this year guys get a bit smarter Mum does not expect anything just love and affection and a big smile. But if you must buy a gift - flowers are a great idea unless there are allergic reactions involved in which case ask her what she would like or take her shopping if you can and let her select.
Remember the older Mum's, baby boomers have usually collected a lot of nick nacks over the years and become harder to buy for. The more personalised the present the bigger chance you will get it wrong. So a few suggestions
for a movie lover- a nice video nothing bloodthirsty or full of swearing something like the Dressmaker would make a nice gift.
a beautiful bunch of mixed flowers some people don't especially like chrysantheum's?
a novel for an avid reader - but only if you are sure of what they like some people like biographies, some love stories, some adventure, some hate war stories so choose wisely
if you are thinking of jewellry - let Mum choose her own from a catalogue or on line
perfume only if you know for sure what she likes not what you think is nice - very personal preference when it comes to perfume and this can change over time?
forget - the soap, bubble bath, socks, slippers, pyjamas

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