Sunday, July 10, 2016

Move It Or Lose It

Are you getting lazy. Weather is so cold it is easy to cuddle up inside with a book or find a cosy spot and watch a good movie..
Well it's time to take stock and look at your exercise regime me included.  So up and adam everybody let do the walk.  How to start out again after taking an extended break.  Well what I do is start walking before breakfast say 15/20 minutes trying to pick up 2000 steps and following this mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon and hey presto 8000 steps on top of your daily routine. 

Hands up those of you who are going to get off your butt and start the walk and forget the talk.
Join me today. Are you ready for take off.  Oh yeh let's get going then.  See you in the morning for some feedback.

Good Luck

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