Friday, December 31, 2010

Queensland Floods

The floods in Queensland are now peaking over 4000 people have been evacuated some towns empty and the rivers continue to rise. Condamine on the Darling Downs has become a ghost town. The Bruce Highway and airways into Rockhampton is expected to be cut this afternoon so no trucks, fuel, food will be getting through.  Fuel is limited and is currently being saved for the emergency helicopters. 

The situation is now at almost it's worst and it will be a long time before the people will be able to return to their homes and start repairing or rebuilding.  I hope the government has strategic plans in place to help because this is not going to go away overnight for a lot of people. Also Coal mining has been suspended as the mines are full of water.  So many businesses, farmers have been hit hard and fruit and vegetables are now expected to rise possible by 50% due to low supply of many items.

We can only hope that there will be no more cyclones for sometime as further rain would be disastrous.

1 comment:

  1. I wish the floods could be covered on one or two channels all we get is the disaster to depress us let us remember there are some of us that all we have is our cheep telly because thats all we can afford and why oh why cant we relax and calm down
    all I can say is that the fat-cats at the tell stations are raking in the doe from add's all through the disaster


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