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Margaret from South Africa tks for signing my guest book.  Here is all I have on Crighton from my Ramsay line. Bennet Rodger's sister Janet married into the Ramsay line.

The Ramsay’s and connected families of Saline, Fife, Fossoway & Tulliebole, Clackmannan, Perthshire, Stirling and other areas of Scotland


Descendants of Bennet Rodger

Generation No. 1

        1.  Bennet4 Rodger  (Bennet3, Edward2, Bennet1) was born c 1817, and died in Unknown.  He married Christian Drysdale 7 November 1846 in Alloa, Clack., Scot, daughter of John Drysdale and Maran Sharp.  She was born 25 November 1810 in Saline, Fife, Scot, and died in Unknown.
Children of Bennet Rodger and Christian Drysdale are:
        2                 i.    Maria5 Rodger, born c 1854 in Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland; died in Unknown.
        3                ii.    Christina Rodger, born c 1848 in Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland; died in Unknown.
+      4               iii.    Unknown Rodger, died in Unknown.

Generation No. 2

        4.  Unknown5 Rodger (Bennet4, Bennet3, Edward2, Bennet1) died in Unknown.  She married Mr Chriton. 
Children of Unknown Rodger and Mr Chriton are:
        5                 i.    James6 Chriton, born c 1858 in Auchterderran, Perthshire, Scotland.
        6                ii.    David Chriton, born c 1860 in Auchterderran, Perthshire, Scotland.

The source for the above information was the 1871 census – the image I am yet to locate

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