Sunday, December 16, 2012


A week to go and it will be Christmas. I have one more present to buy and that is it but this person has everything and my budget is not huge. So I went in search of some ideas I had a look amazon 
they had heaps to choose from but a kindle was one thought seems to be gaining in popularity.  A kindle in case you do not know is an e-reader for books.  And there are a lot of free e-books available which is an added advantage.  Then I came upon this interesting site aquaexplorers  they have among other things a book about A Shipwreck.  Now that is something different.  These guys are into scuba diving and treasure hunting. Next I found the ultimate geek pen a biro as well as a stylus, I do like that idea very much as I find typing on my i-phone a little tedious as I keep hitting the wrong keys.  But I like the kindle so I will either buy on line or check out the local shopping centre.

Happy Shopping.

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