Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Christmas is a great time to take family photo's and record them in scrapbooks or memory albumns.
It doesn't matter if you are an avid Scrapbooker it is easy to look online and find some ideas.
Unlock the secrets to scrapbooking books are available or Fast Scrapbooking layouts ideas as well.
Scrapbooking can also be digital some of the wonderful sites out there where so many people have put together kits available at reasonable prices and often have freebies.

I took on th task a few years ago of Scrapbooking my children's photo's from birth until they left high school.
It was quite a task as a lot of my older photo's were on slides.  But I managed to get a lovely memory albumn together for my children for their birthday's that year.

I was thinking this year I would start a Christmas memory albumn to record just Christmas photo's and with our family growing there will be quite a lot of shots to choose from, from the sleepyheads in the morning, opening of presents, Christmas morning breakfast, Christmas lunch, washing up (all hands on deck) more sleepheads and so on.

Happy Scrapbooking hope those who take it on have fun and find lots of interesting sayings, frames and so on to embellish your memory albumns.

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