Thursday, December 13, 2012


Seems a Company on the Gold Coast are causing a stir with the Government by selling stickers to cover the new 'plain packaging' which was introduced this year. Not sure why they call it plain packaging nothing plain about it at all but full of photos of what will happen to you if you smoke. Well I can't see the problem because if smokers want to cover these packets they can do so in many ways. Buy a cigarette case, buy other plastic cases in which the whole packet can be inserted or make there own stickers. I also wonder how high the prices are going to go - people still smoke and will find a way to buy tobacco, cigarettes etc regardless of the price. Maybe is a deterrent to some. But what about those smokers who have tried to give it up and would really would like to give it up but it just gets so bad when they do. Who end up feeling so depressed, anxious and physically sick that they cannot cope. The life of a smoker is made more and more difficult. I wonder what research the anti smoking groups have undertaken in relation to an alternative to smoking other than kicking the so called habit or nicotine addiction, if that is what it is that people smoke for. I wonder if we have some exsmokers out there who can identify with these feelings and would like to share with us how they did beat the nicotine habit. Did they beat it by using alternative drugs like Nicorette gum or Nicorette patches or did they go 'cold turkey'. And one thought is there any benefits of using nicotine?

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