Monday, August 29, 2016

Father's Day - what would Dad like

So what are you going to get Dad this Father's Day.  Have you given it any thought? Are you too busy to look around?  Well take five and remember it is his day so a little thought into what he would like would be so nice.  Here are some suggestions below.

A get together for a breakfast or lunch out - your shout would be very nice.
Lunch at the beach again your shout with a game of cricket or a long walk along the sand.
If you cannot get together well post a parcel so that it arrives in time but forget the sweets, chocolates, socks, shaving cream, slippers and pj's.
  1. Gift Card are not such a bad idea especially for the older Dad's/Granddad's who are hard to buy for such as to Bunning's depending on their interests.
  2.  Seat Cover such as lambs wool but only if you know what he likes and wants otherwise forget it. They are made for the car make and model.
  3. Tag Trackers for Dad's who are always losing keys, misplacing glasses, wallet and so on. Just type in Tag Trackers in the search engine to see what is available there is a range in price, some limitations as to distance covered but good for around the house .
  4. Something for the garden such as a garden fork, garden rake, if you know Dad's old one is about to break or has been taped up once too often!! Would be a nice gift.
  5. Has he got old records he cannot play?  Depending on budget a record player that plays 45's and LP's would be nice.
So hope these few ideas help of course, if your Dad is into a particular sport/hobby there is probably something that you could buy along that line that he would love.  Have a great day.

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